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Bring your firearm to Patriots Ammo & Arms LLC and we will pay you CASH for your firearms!


 All we require to purchase your firearm is a valid driver's license with your current address. We look at the current used firearm market and will make you a reasonable offer. We handle all the required paperwork, so you don't have to.


-Need some extra cash to upgrade your next firearm? Us the value of the guns you do not use for your next purchase! 

-Did your late loved one leave you firearms that you have no interest in? WE PAY CASH!

-Looking to sell your ex-husbands arsenal? WE PAY CASH!

-Wife find out about a recent gun purchase (before the divorce)? WE PAY CASH!

-Regret a panic buy? WE PAY CASH!


Types of firearms we typically buy:

-Semi-Auto Pistols


-Bolt Action Rifles

-Semi-Auto Rifles

-Pump Rifles

-Lever Action Rifles

-Pump Shotguns

-Semi-Auto Shotguns

-Over/Under Shotguns

-Side by Side Shotguns

-Break Action Firearms

-Centerfire & Rimfire


Types of firearms we typically do NOT buy:

-AR-15s - The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the US, but the resell market for them is not that great UNLESS it is a highly sought-after model or manufacture.

-Nonfunctioning firearms

-BB guns

-Air guns

-Pellet guns


We do not offer pawn or consignment.


-Ammo: We do NOT buy ammo from our customers for resell, trade or anything else. We can dispose of ammo for you for free but, we cannot and will not resell it.


Not sure if what you have is something we will be interested in buying? Give us a call!


All firearm appraisals must be done at our store during regular business hours. We will NOT give appraisals over the phone NO EXCEPTIONS.